Health Spending Account

You can use your Health Spending Account (HSA) to pay for medical expenses not covered under your basic health and dental plans.  The yearly entitlement effective 2020-2021 is $1000. For details and to see your HSA balance, visit the Medavie Blue Cross website. Log into your account or create an online account if you do not have one.

The HSA claim year runs from July 1 to June 30. You can access your entire yearly allocation anytime after July 1 and claims must be submitted by September 30 each year. Unused balances from the HSA will carry forward for one year and will then be forfeited, so it is important to use your full HSA entitlement.

Most DFA members have more than $100 a month deducted from their pay to cover their plan premiums. These can be claimed through your HSA. 

To verify the amount you have paid and to print out proof of payment, check Dal Online. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Dal online and log in.
  • From the tabs across the top, choose "Employees" - DO NOT go to the "Employee Dashboard".
  • Click on the "Benefits and Deductions". Click on “Health and Dental Insurance”.
  • Click on “Contributions or Deductions”.  You will be able to access your health deductions and enter the dates of the time period you wish to review. This will take you to a page with your name and a list of your deductions for the period you have entered. Blue Cross accepts this printout as proof of payment. The printout must include your name.
  • Once you have your proof of payment, complete the claim form available here and submit the completed claim form to Blue Cross, either by mail or through one of their QuickPay Offices where you can be reimbursed immediately for an eligible claim without having to wait for reimbursement by mail. (locations and hours below)
  • You can also submit claims via a mobile app.  Details available at

For questions concerning access to Dal Online, visit 

For locations and hours of Blue Cross Nova Scotia QuickPay Centres, call 1-800-667-4511.