DFA Grievance Committee

The DFA's Grievance Committee is a standing committee of the DFA established to assist members of the Bargaining Unit who allege violations of the Collective Agreement, and may pursue grievances on behalf of the Association. The Grievance Committee also assists DFA members who are not members of the Bargaining Unit, with the terms and conditions of their employment including alleged violations of the Senate Regulations Concerning Appointments, Promotion and Tenure.

Click here for the committee's Terms of Reference.


  • Dominic Silvio, Killam Memorial Library


  • Patti Doyle-Bedwell, Open Learning & Career Development
  • Katherine Fierlbeck, Political Science
  • Tim Juckes, Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Derek Kimmerly, Health & Human Performance
  • Matt Numer, Health & Human Performance
  • David Westwood, Health & Human Performance
  • Jack Brown, DFA Professional Officer

All correspondence to the DFA Grievance Committee should be directed to the DFA Office at dfa@dal.ca