We are Hiring!

To meet the growing needs of our membership, the DFA is hiring a Membership Services Officer.  Competition closes July 31, 2024.  Find details about the position here.

The Anomalies Fund

The timeline for applications for the 2023-24 Anomalies Fund year has been extended. The Association-Board Committee has agreed to extend the deadlines for applications to the Anomalies Fund as follows:

  1. The deadline for applications is May 30, 2024. Information on the application process will be forthcoming closer to the date.
  2. The Committee’s decision will be communicated in writing to the Member no later than June 30, 2024.
  3. Any Anomalies Fund salary adjustments will be effective July 1, 2024.


On April 10, the 2024 Dr. Robert S. Rodger Lecture featured speaker Dr. Geneviève Boulet, MSVU Faculty Association Lead Negotiator. In her presentation, What to do About Obstructive Negotiations in Our Sector?, Dr. Boulet shared the behind-the-scenes perspective of the recent bargaining with MSVU administration. After several months of little movement at the table, MSVUFA went on strike for just over three weeks before reaching a settlement.  To access the presentation, please email DFA Communications Officer   It will be available until May 31, 2024.

Congratulations to DFA President Dave Westwood!  Earlier this month, Dave was presented with the CAUT Dedicated Service Award for his commitment to the DFA Membership.  In his fourth term as President, Dave has served the DFA Membership for many years in various different roles: President-Elect, President, Past-President, Grievance Chair and officer, DFA representative to the Pension Advisory Committee, appointee to the Association-Board Committee and as a member on various DFA committees.  He is a multi-term Senator at Dalhousie and also attends the Board of Governors meeting in his role as DFA President.  Thank you, Dave, for your leadership excellence.

CAUT's March-April Bulletin is now available! This issue and the archives are available at

Together, We Are Dal

Professors, instructors, librarians and counsellors - our valued DFA members - are dedicated to their students, providing the best possible post-secondary education and experience for the Dalhousie community. The success of this university relies on the commitment of our members.

The DFA negotiates and protects one of the strongest collective agreements in Canada’s university sector.  Bargaining on behalf of more than 950 members, our volunteers and staff work tirelessly advocating for Members’ rights, making your concerns heard by the Administration. Year after year, we challenge the Administration on issues that affect our members, our students, and our fellow workers at Dal.

For a history of the DFA, read 40 Years of Activism: Working for a Better Dalhousie.

As a member of the DFA, you can help!

  • Get involved. Contact the DFA about volunteer opportunities.
  • Attend DFA events. General meetings and other special events happen several times a year, so watch your email, this site and social media.
  • Stay social. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @dalfacultyassoc. Like and share our content to spread the word about issues important to our members.

Together, we are Dal.

We welcome your questions, concerns and feedback.
Email or call 902-494-3722.  

You can also email the DFA President anytime at


The Anomalies Fund exists to adjust the salaries of DFA Members whose salaries are judged to be anomalously low, when compared with the salaries of other Members accounting for experience and rank within their Faculty. See Article 31A.06 in your Collective Agreement. The deadline for applications is March 15 each year.

As a member of DFA, you are also a member of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. CAUT’s online Member Travel Benefit Program with Local Hospitality Inc. offers significant savings on hotels, car rentals and select entertainment events. Instructions on how to access the platform can be found at Affinity Program for CAUT Members | CAUT.

As a DFA Member with a full-time position, you have 25 vacation days each year. The number of days is prorated for Members on limited-term appointments of less than 12 months. This formula will help you calculate how many vacation days you have each year: Length of Employment (months)/12 x 25 vacation days x FTE percentage = vacation days (Clause 30.01 & 30.02 in your Collective Agreement)

Under our Collective Agreement (Clause 32.18 b), all DFA Members have access to a Health Spending Account of $1000 for medical expenses not covered under your benefits plan. Unused balances carry forward for one year only, so be sure to use your full entitlement. For details and to see your balance, visit Medavie Blue Cross.