The DFA office will be closed on Fridays beginning June 3 through to August 26.  Regular office hours (Monday to Friday, 730 am to 330 pm) resume Monday August 29.

The DFA is pleased to introduce you to the members of our Bargaining Team.  Click on a member's name to watch a short, less-than-30 second video. The Bargaining Team members highlighted below will be joined at the negotiations table by DFA Professional Officer Barbara MacLennan (retiring June 16, 2022), DFA Professional Officer Jack Brown (effective April 4, 2022) and DFA Administrative Officer, Lynn Purves.  Working with the team behind the scenes are DFA President David Westwood, DFA President-Elect Mark Lewis, and staff members Kristin Hoyt and Catherine Wall. Over the weeks and months ahead, we will all be busy preparing for this round of bargaining, so stay tuned for updates!


Thank you to panelists Remi Agu, Barbara Hamilton-Hinch and Dominic Silvio for their thoughtful and impactful presentations on Being a Black Professor at Dalhousie.  A recording of the presentations can be found here.  This presentation was part of the DFA Public Speaker Series. A transcription is available on request by contacting DFA Communications Officer

Remi Agu is a Professor in the Faculty of Health, School of Pharmacy.  He is chair of the DFA Equity Committee.

Barbara Hamilton-Hinch is a Associate Professor, Faculty of Health, School of Health and Human Performance.  She is Dalhousie's Assistant Vice-Provost Equity and Inclusion.

Dominic Silvio is a Librarian 3, Reference and Research Services at the Killam Memorial Library. He is Co-Chair of the Black Faculty and Staff Caucus at Dalhousie.

Together, We Are Dal

Professors, instructors, librarians and counsellors - our valued DFA members - are dedicated to their students, providing the best possible post-secondary education and experience for the Dalhousie community. The success of this university relies on the commitment of our members.

The DFA negotiates and protects one of the strongest collective agreements in Canada’s university sector.  Bargaining on behalf of more than 950 members, our volunteers and staff work tirelessly advocating for Members’ rights, making your concerns heard by the Administration. Year after year, we challenge the Administration on issues that affect our members, our students, and our fellow workers at Dal.

For a history of the DFA, read 40 Years of Activism: Working for a Better Dalhousie.

As a member of the DFA, you can help!

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Together, we are Dal.

We welcome your questions, concerns and feedback.
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Dal’s Pension Plan is healthy and strong. As of Sept 30/21, the Plan was funded at 110.8% on a going-concern basis, the only standard that applies. The Plan is required to be funded at 107.7%.

Upon request to the Dean, Members have a right to defer applying for reappointment, tenure, continuing appointment, or appointment without term for up to 2 yrs. This request must stem from COVID-19 work disruption and current appointments will be extended accordingly.

In recogntion of the additional demands placed upon a Member during COVID-19, all Members have an additional 5 days vacation for the 2021-2022 vacation year.

Article 30.05 - if you are off sick, the Chair (or above) should RESCHEDULE your classes, not reassign them to other people.