Article 8: Association-Board Relations


(a) Unless otherwise specifically provided for in this Collective Agreement, the Board shall not enter into any agreement with any Member or group of Members respecting their terms and conditions of employment except as approved by the Association-Board Committee, set up in accordance with Clause 8.04.

(b) However, so long as the salary minima and maxima of the Agreement are adhered to, the Board may bargain with Members with respect to upward adjustments of regular salary rate subject to the conditions of this Clause 8.01. Such adjustments may not be given in any academic year to more than twelve (12) Members. No adjustment shall exceed $15,000 and no Member may receive more than one (1) adjustment for the life of this Collective Agreement. The amount of each adjustment is subject to the approval of the Association-Board Committee in accordance with Appendix XII of this Collective Agreement. The Board establishes a total fund of $140,000 per year of the Collective Agreement to be used for Special Salary Increases. The effective date for implementation of each adjustment shall be as determined by the Board, and reported to the Association- Board Committee, provided that it is within the academic year to which the adjustment is attributed under this Clause (b), or 1 July of the following year.

(c) The adjustments referred to in Clause (b) include adjustments to regular salary rate made on any basis, and are not limited to those made in respect of actual or anticipated competitive offers.

(d) The cost of increases pursuant to Clause (b) shall be borne by the Board out of the University General Budget.

(e) Administrative stipends, overload stipends, changes to percentage of FTE, externally funded salary adjustments, and any other increments provided for elsewhere in this Collective Agreement, are not covered by Clauses 8.01 (b) to (d).

8.02 Unless other means are specifically provided for in this Collective Agreement, correspondence between the Association and the Board shall be to and from the President of the Association and the President of the University, or persons each may designate.

8.03 Unless other means are specifically provided for in this Collective Agreement, the internal mail service of the University, or personal delivery, shall be the regular means for delivery of mail, and when the internal mail service is used delivery shall be assumed to occur not later than two working days after deposit in the internal mail service, unless failure to receive correspondence is established. When email is used, delivery shall be assumed to occur on the day that the email is sent unless an electronic error message is returned.

8.04 Within fourteen days of the signing of this Collective Agreement, each Party shall provide the other in writing the names and titles of three persons authorized to represent that Party in the Association-Board Committee. Each Party shall maintain the currency of its list of representatives, advising the other by email or in writing of any changes.

8.05 The Association-Board Committee shall have co-chairpersons, one designated by each Party, who shall jointly arrange for meetings and their agenda and who shall in turn chair meetings. The committee shall meet monthly during the regular academic session and whenever the co-chairpersons arrange additional meetings, and a record or minutes of the meetings shall be kept as may be arranged by the co-chairpersons. A quorum for meetings shall be not less than four members of the committee, two representing each Party. Each member shall have a vote.

8.06 The Association-Board Committee shall consider matters referred to it by the Parties, by Members, or as initiated by members of the committee, including questions of interpretation or application of the Collective Agreement. Changes in, or amendments to, this Collective Agreement may be made by written agreement between the Parties on the recommendation by a concurrent majority of the committee. A concurrent majority is reached by the committee when at least two members of the committee from the Association and two members of the committee from the Board vote in favour of a motion. Any agreement reached by the committee, by concurrent majority, on the interpretation or application of this Collective Agreement shall be binding when confirmed in writing and signed by the two co-chairpersons.

8.07 Wherever possible, documents exchanged between the Parties in support of business of the Association Board Committee shall be provided electronically.

8.08 The Association may at any time call upon the assistance of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (C.A.U.T.). Such representatives and any other duly designated representatives or counsel for the Association shall have access to Dalhousie University premises to consult with Members or officers of the Association. These representatives designated by the Association may participate in discussions or negotiations with representatives of the Board when their authority has been communicated to the Board by the Association.