Article 4: No Discrimination


a) The Parties agree that there shall be no discrimination or favouritism (except as may be provided for elsewhere in this Collective Agreement) exercised or practised with regard to any Member in regard to salary, rank, appointment, reappointment, promotion, tenure, continuing appointment or appointment without term, sabbatical or other leave, benefits, dismissal or any other terms and conditions of employment by reason of race, creed, colour, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, citizenship (except insofar as citizenship may be a criterion for initial appointment), political or religious affiliation or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, family relationship, personal lifestyle, membership or non-membership in the Association, activity or non-activity on behalf of the Board or the Association, age, language (if the language is adequate to carry out required duties), criminal record prior to employment at Dalhousie University (providing such a record has not been misrepresented by the Member), or handicap or disability (providing the handicap or disability does not preclude the Member’s carrying out required duties). The correction of inequities, the implementation of affirmative action programmes, or spousal appointment provisions, as may be agreed between the Parties, shall not constitute discrimination.

(b) The Parties agree they are committed to a working and learning environment that is free from personal harassment.

4.02 The Parties are committed to the goal of increasing the proportion of designated group members among those holding academic appointments at Dalhousie University and have incorporated Clause 14.01 to that end. The Board will endeavour to collect information on the numbers and proportions of designated group member candidates and other candidates for academic appointments and the numbers and proportions of designated group members and others appointed. The President shall report this information annually to the Association and to the Senate.

4.03 The Parties agree that, in keeping with the commitment to increase the proportion of designated group members among those holding academic appointments at Dalhousie University, where possible, Members of the designated group shall be nominated to, or asked to serve on, appointment, promotion and tenure committees.