Article 22: Extra Professional Activities

22.01 Members other than professional librarians who are invited, with the co-operation of the units involved, to do extra teaching in addition to their regular teaching in another unit of Dalhousie University (such as a Department, School, College, Institute, Centre) shall be paid extra for these extra duties insofar as they are in addition to the Member’s regular duties and these extra duties shall not interfere with nor substitute for the Members’ regular duties. Arrangements for such extra duties shall be developed by the respective Chairpersons, Heads or Directors, and the Member, and shall be subject to the approval of the Dean of the Faculty in which the extra teaching is to be done. A Member who teaches a credit course during a summer session shall be paid an overload stipend in accordance with Clause 31.70 except where such teaching forms part of their normal teaching workload pursuant to Clause 20.08.

22.02 Professional librarians who are invited to teach in a Department, School, College, Institute or Centre at Dalhousie University or are asked to perform on a regular basis duties in a Dalhousie library in addition to their regularly assigned duties, as dealt with in Article 11, shall be paid extra for these duties. Arrangements for such extra duties shall be developed by the appropriate Chief Librarian and the professional librarian, and shall be subject to the approval of the Dean of the Faculty in which the extra teaching is to be done or the Chief Librarian of the library in which the extra duties are to be undertaken.


(a) The nature of the professional competence of many Members affords opportunities for the exercise of that competence outside the Members’ regular duties to Dalhousie University, on both remunerative and non-remunerative bases.

Recognizing that such professional activities can bring benefits to and enhance the reputation of Dalhousie University and the capacity of Members, the Board agrees that Members have the right to engage in part-time professional activities, paid or unpaid, providing such activities do not interfere with their regular obligations and duties to Dalhousie University. Members shall report all such activities when requested by the Dean or Vice-President and in a form requested by the Dean or Vice-President. Continuing Education Members agree not to engage in any professional activity, paid or unpaid, which competes or conflicts with the College of Continuing Education activities or with their duties and responsibilities at the College of Continuing Education. The College of Continuing Education may define such professional activity by Faculty regulation and copies of any such regulations will be made available to each Continuing Education Member.

(b) Notwithstanding any other Article of this Collective Agreement, Members who are Directors of or who report to a Director of the Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology, the Nova Scotia CAD/CAM Centre, the Centre for Water Resources Studies, the Minerals Engineering Centre, the Atlantic Industrial Research Institute, the Applied Microelectronics Institute, the Atlantic Institute of Biotechnology, the Biomedical Engineering Institute, or such other research centre or institute which may be approved by the Board from time to time, shall not engage in activities which conflict with their responsibilities to or the interests of the Centre/Institute. The Guidelines at Appendix V shall be used to determine whether or not a conflict exists. The Member shall be advised in writing whether a conflict exists or not. Determinations of conflict of interests shall be grievable.

22.04 Without limiting the generality of Clause 22.03 it is understood that the following are included in the reference to part-time professional activities: participation in professional associations, the Canadian Association of University Teachers and learned societies.

22.05 Any Member engaging in any substantial professional consulting practice or related employment outside Dalhousie University, shall discuss these activities in advance with the Chairperson, Head, Director, Chief Librarian, Dean or Vice-President, as may be appropriate, to ensure that it is mutually agreed that these activities are compatible with the University responsibilities of the Member concerned.

22.06 Members shall reimburse the University for the cost of any University facilities, equipment, supplies, or services used in or for professional consulting, practice, or related employment outside Dalhousie University, unless such reimbursement is waived by the Dean. The cost of any such facilities, equipment, supplies or services shall not be greater than the most favourable Dalhousie commercial rate.

22.07 The name of the University and University letterhead shall not be used in extra professional activities unless agreed to in advance by the Member’s Dean, University Librarian or Vice-President.