Article 19: Existing Practices

19.01 The Board or its agents shall not unilaterally alter existing practices and processes for decision-making, consultation and recommendation in Departments and similar units, or alter Departmental, Faculty or similar structures which support teaching and research. Changes may be made in accordance with existing processes that are reasonable, certain and known or in accordance with processes for change approved or authorized by the Senate within its statutory jurisdiction.

19.02 The Board acknowledges its responsibility to maintain facilities, services and general working conditions which support the effective discharge by Members of their responsibilities as specified in Article 17. The Board may determine the manner in which, and the level at which, facilities and services are provided to Members, on the understanding that the Board will endeavour to maintain reasonable levels of working space, secretarial and other support services, including telephones, computing, printing, duplicating and library services, technical services and teaching and research assistance. The reasonableness of levels of services may be measured by consideration of financial resources of the Board and past practice in the provision of such services.

19.03 Any significant change in general working conditions which are reasonable, certain and known may be made by agreement of the Parties through the Association-Board Committee. Any significant change in the levels of facilities and services provided, which levels are reasonable, certain and known, shall be discussed by the Parties through the Association-Board Committee and an opportunity shall be provided for the Association’s comments and suggestions about a proposed change to be considered before the change is introduced.

19.04 The onus of establishing a practice or process within the terms of Clause 19.01 or general working conditions or level of facilities and services within the terms of Clauses 19.02 and 19.03 shall rest upon the person or persons alleging its existence and it must be shown that the alleged condition, level, practice or process is reasonable, certain and known by the Board or its agents (including Department Chairpersons or Departments and similar units) and therefore is deemed to have been authorized by the Board.

19.05 Where a decision made outside a Department or similar unit requires there to be a permanent reduction of any full-time or sessional full-time position in the complement of support staff within a Department, the Department shall be advised in writing by the Dean or Vice-President (through the Chairperson, Head, Director or Chief Librarian where there is such a person) and shall be given 10 days to make comments and suggestions which shall be considered before any change is finalized.