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News You Can Use is DFA's monthly e-bulletin.  Click here for our May 2017 issue.

DFA's David Mensink Receives CAUT Dedicated Service Award

Congratulations to David Mensink, recipient of the Canadian Association of University Teachers Dedicated Service Award. Providing tremendous service and leadership to DFA, David has served three terms as DFA's President.  In this role, he provided a strong vision for our assocation and worked to ensure all voices were heard.  This similar collaborative approach was evident in the terms he served on the University Employee Benefits Committee and the DFA Grievance Committee.  It was also the approach he brought to collective bargaining serving on both our DFA staff negotiation team, as well as the DFA negotiating team.  David brings a calm and thoughtful leadership style to  each of his roles in our association. Congratulations and thank you, David, for your continued services to our members. 

Congratulations to DFA's 2017-2018 Executive Committee

At our May 3, 2017 AGM, DFA's new Executive Committee took office.  Congratulations to the following (you can find their contact information on the Contacts page of our website):

  • President: David Abramson
  • Past-President: Laurene Rehman
  • President-Elect: Dave Westwood
  • Second Vice-President: Cindy Penney
  • Secretary: Melissa Helwig
  • Treasurer: David Mensink
  • Members-at-Large: Catrina Brown, Carrie Dawson, Lori Dithurbide, Thomas Duck, Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird, Amy Birchall, Jason Brown, Nancy MacDonald, Kalyani Prithiviraj, Deborah Tamlyn



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