DFA is working on answers to our Members' most commonly asked questions.  In the meantime, please see our DFA Responses/Statements page.  

Q. How do I reach the DFA office during this time of physical distancing?

A. Supporting our members during this extraordinary time is important to us.  As always, the DFA office staff and executive are available to answer your questions and meet your needs.  While the office is closed during the pandemic, we ask that you contact us at dfa@dal.ca and your email will be addressed in a timely manner.  You may also email one of our staff members or one of the members of the DFA's 2020-2021 Executive Committee and we will be able to support you.


Q. I am feeling overwhelmed with the increased demands of working from home and moving my courses online.  What professional supports are available for me?

All DFA members have access to Dalhousie's Employee Family and Assistance Program, including mental health supports.


Q. What are the copyright implications of teaching online?

A. Article 23 addresses issues related to Copyrights, Patents and Author's Rights.

1. DFA Members own the copyright for materials that they create, including lectures (Clauses 23.01, 23.02, 23.03), subject to some narrow limitations. 

2. As the creator and of the material owner, you can authorize others to use your copyrighted materials without giving up your ownership rights. The DFA recommends that when sharing your copyrighted materials you specify the terms of use in writing. Materials shared with others should be marked as copyrighted where feasible. This can be of particular importance in co-taught courses.

3. Under clause 23.06(b) the Board has a time-limited right to use certain kinds of teaching materials developed by Members under specific circumstances. Such arrangements require written agreement of the Member, and the Member retains copyright ownership over the materials. Annual workload agreements, which describe Member(s) teaching responsibilities do not transfer licencing rights to the Board. We encourage Members to consult with the DFA office before signing a workload agreement that includes the development of teaching materials.

4. Article 23.03 compels the Board to provide every reasonable assistance to Members to prevent publication, recording, or broadcasting of lectures not authorized by the Members concerned. The DFA encourages Members to bring such concerns to the attention of their Dean. Through the Association Board Committee, the Board has committed to enabling a 'pop-up' message in Brightspace alerting students that teaching materials are copyrighted.


Q. I paid for Dalhousie parking and now am told to work from home.  Will I get a refund for my parking?



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